Tuesday, March 25, 2008

e. none of the above

A recent item on Elastic Waist reported that "fat actress" Katy faced the following dilemma:

Let's say you're an actress. Let's say you're 125 pounds and 5'2" of cuteness. Let's say an agent tells you that you're not going to work until you either lose 30 pounds to be a lead actress or gain 20 pounds to be the fat best friend. What do you do?
I was pretty outraged about this dilemma: Of course there is the option to say, "Hey, maybe someone should write a movie about a woman who isn't either a skinny ingenue or a "fat best friend." Oh, wait, someone did that and they cast a thin, but not conventionally pretty, woman as the lead instead of someone who looked like the size-14 Rose described in the book.

But do we buy it ourselves, that we could be Leads and not Fat Best Friends? I know I'm not fully convinced. Neither, apparently, is Anne. Or Weetabix. How about the rest of you?


  1. I find it difficult to convince myself--especially when Renee Zellweger becomes a "fat" size 8 to play Bridget Jones (there's no way she was a 14, as has been claimed). Or when my mother notes that Drew Barrymore is a "big girl" in The Wedding Singer. What? Is she a 4 or a 6 instead of a zero? Give me a break.

  2. I'm probably (no, certainly) a big girl by hollywood standards, but I feel like the lead now that my weight is where I want it to be.

    Although, I'm probably "thin, but not conventionally pretty" ...

  3. There's nothing wrong with thin but not conventionally pretty. You can be unconventionally pretty. :)


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