Monday, February 04, 2008

sick as a dog?

Why do people say sick as a dog, anyway? Most of the dogs I've been around have been quite healthy, and even if they eat something that disagrees with them, they seem to get it out of their systems and bounce back quickly.

I, however, am not sick like that. I seem to have a low resistance lately and then a hard time coming back. I caught a bug about a week ago and it won't let go. It's down in my chest, rattling away and making me cough. I have been resisting seeing a doctor -- don't want to take the time to haul myself there just to be told, "It's a virus. Rest, drink plenty of fluids. There's nothing we can do." Since rest has been sketchy lately -- just got back from a trip to the West Coast, something I don't recommend doing when you have a head cold -- I've been doing my best to catch up. And drink fluids. I still have to work, but I'm working from home today.

It's funny how I still want to eat sometimes even when I have no appetite. I had a Ghiardelli bar in my suitcase that tempted me. I had half of it just because. Sigh.

I just read Frances's post. "Would I date me?" Right now the answer would be a resounding no thanks. I seem a little too sad and high-maintenance. I might tell me I would call, but I'd lose my number.


  1. It just sucks to be sick and have to travel, with limited rest and out of the comfort of familiar surroundings. I'm glad you could stay home and work from there, hopefully in very comfy clothes and with the kitties around to ply you with tea. Oh wait, they don't ply anyone, but still, they can be there with furry love and comfort.

    Hope you are feeling better quick like a bunny.

    p.s. - I'd date you in a heartbeat if I was a guy. Which I'm not. But still.

  2. You've been too hard on yourself. You don't feel well and you have to travel and go into work and all of those things. I would have had a hard time resisting the chocolate. Be good to yourself. You're totally dateable. :-)

  3. Sorry you're feeling sick. You really should go see the doctor if you aren't better in another day or two. "In your chest" could develop into something worse.

    I would so NOT be dateable right now. I'm barely marriable, my poor husband has to live with Dr Jeckle and Mrs Hyde most weeks. Ah well. I'm not perfect and that's just the way it is sometimes.

    And chocolate is sometimes the best place to go when you're feeling down. At least you just ate half. =)

  4. Poor Jen. I've been sick like that twice lately and exhausted in between, and it's just awful.

  5. I'm sorry to hear you're under the weather. I hope you're back to normal soon. Might you have pneumonia? A trip to see the doctor might be in order.

    After reading your blog for several months, I get the feel that you like "thinking outside the box" concerning health and weight related issues. I would like to tell you about a shocking e-mail I received today. My friend told me that when she was professionally fit for a bra that she was told the proper way to get into (and out of) a sports bra is by stepping in it, like a pair of pants, and pull it up from there. Have you ever heard of such a thing? FYI: She was fit at Dillard's.

  6. Carol - ?! Never heard of such a thing. But I was told by someone at a bra fitting that you should lean forward when putting on a bra to get the girls where they belong. She actually used the phrase "Knockers up!" I thought that was pretty funny.

    I think I'll still keep putting on my sports bras the usual way, though. What would someone do putting it on like a pair of pants if they had wide hips and a small chest? Getting stuck in a bra is probably the most humiliating 911 call I can imagine making.

  7. OK, now I've personally tried the "step in" method. I was amazed that it worked out quite well and eased into place until I had to put on the straps (it's a racer type back with shorter straps). It was difficult due to my current shoulder injury (from getting "stuck" over head with a sports bra). Pretty odd, huh?


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