Saturday, February 16, 2008

my first blog giveaway: win a CD and a sleeveless T

When the folks at offered to send me their CD to review, I had pretty low expectations for it. I thought it was a cute idea to put together motivational songs for working out and losing weight, but I didn't expect them to be good music. Still, I was intrigued and thought, why not? I got the package yesterday, and they even included a cute t-shirt.

I was really surprised at how well-put-together the songs were, and also at the range of musical styles represented. There are a couple of rap-style tracks, like "Use It to Lose It," some songs that have a more '80s feel like "The Incredible Shrinking Woman," and the pop-country style "Skinny Jeans," which was my favorite. You can hear samples on the website.

I listened to the CD on the way to the gym this morning, though, and really realized, after listening to a bunch of tracks that focused on appearance ("I'm A Hottie Now") and the negative side of wanting to lose weight ("Who the Hell is That?," about seeing pictures of yourself and wondering how you got so fat) that as much fun as they were, these songs wouldn't motivate me. I was talking with Anne last night and realized that I have been trying to lose the same 20 pounds since we bumped into each other online two years ago. I have been focusing on trying to look cute and fit into my own skinny jeans, and it just isn't working for me.

I decided to try a new gym today. Since I belong to the local YMCA, I can go to any of the locations. I went to one that has a lap pool. It's been months since I went swimming. I really enjoyed it. I shared a lane with another woman and, when we were both taking a breather, immediately asked her if she was training for a race. It clicked for me at that moment that the time when I successfully lost the most weight was when I was training for races, not trying to get skinny so I could be cuter. I never was the "hottie" type. I can't live up to the image -- I'm too much of a geek. The reason I want to get in shape is so I can feel strong and capable and healthy. It just so happens that the YMCA I visited today has a sprint triathlon on May 4. I'm going to enter, but this time I'm not going to fall into my old trap of worrying about whether I finish in the top half of my age group, etc., etc. I figure I'll just shoot to finish the thing without feeling like I'm going to die. The rest of it is just a bonus.

If you are the hottie type, or you just want this CD and t-shirt, leave a comment on this post (make sure that your email address is in your profile) telling me what's keeping you motivated lately. The t-shirt is marked XL, but it's a junior size and may fit more like a large. Like PastaQueen, I'll choose the winner with a random-number generator (Microsoft Excel has one) and email the lucky winner. Good luck!

P.S. If you want to enter the contest, make sure you post your comment by noon on Thursday, February 21. Thanks!


  1. Sorry, but I don't want the CD. Just wanted to say that entering a race is great motivation for me. I compete against myself so I know I have a reasonable chance of beating my old times. Good luck!

  2. Brilliant thought about training for a race! You always liked the challenge of having something specific to shot for - makes me think of the Shrinking Knitter and her training, too. Racing is about getting fit and strong, and that's how I think of you.

  3. Oh fun!

    Motivation #1 for me is finishing the couch to 5k program and then running a real live 5k in April. I don't care about when I finish - I just want to run/jog the whole time (no walking - I've walked 5ks before - running would be new for me, though).

    Motivation #2 for me is the fact that I'm so close to goal! So so so close!

  4. Good for you! One of my favorite things about running is that it is FOR ME and only for me. I'm not racing against anyone or anything just running to feel good. The more I run, the harder I push the better I feel when I'm done. For me the motivation is to live a healthy life and be a good role model for my children.

  5. This is a contest I totally need to sign up for! LOL!! Just found your blog - LOVE it! Can't wait to read more. Come visit us (my BFF and I have a new WW blog) at

  6. great idea about a marathon or just setting a goal that you have to be accountable for -

    great giveaway

  7. Good luck with the race! That is awesome.

  8. Im new to this blogspot thing. Im looking for other people on weight watchers to lose weight with. Can I add you as a friend or something so I can stay updated on your posts?

    That sounds like alot of fun, a triathlon. I would love to get into shape where I can job again. Ive never been able to jog with my husband but I have always wanted too. Good luck!


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