Thursday, August 02, 2007

a love note to yogurt

First of all, this is not a sponsored post, though if the Fage USA people want to send me some free yogurt, I won't refuse it.

My fellow bloggers over at Angry Fat Girlz have been raving about Fage yogurt (pronounced "Fa-yeh", according to the container) for months, but they live in hip, urban areas and I live in Toledo. Actually, not even in Toledo, in a small town near Toledo. So if Kroger and Meijer don't have it, I don't have it, unless I hunt for it. And yogurt never seemed like the kind of food that I'd want to go off on a special quest to find.

I was at one of my favorite little boutique grocery stores last week, Walt Churchill's Market at Briarwood, and decided to take a peek in the dairy case. They had Fage Total, 0%, and 2%. As a Weight Watcher, I probably should have opted for the reduced-fat or fat-free kind, but I wanted to taste the real thing. And I have to tell you, I haven't regretted that decision, though Anne swears that the 2% is really good and the 0% is good.

An article in The New York Times featured Fage's recent ad campaign to promote just how luxurious this yogurt is by associating it with expensive jewelry. The yogurt ad is featured on one page, with an ad for the luxury jewelry item on the facing page. In the yogurt is the impression of the piece of jewelry, as if the Tourneau watch or Honora pearl necklace had been squished into the yogurt. The idea is to show that the yogurt is a luxury item, possibly to answer objections to the high price of Fage compared to other brands of yogurt.

As goofy as it sounds, if yogurt can be luxurious, this stuff is. I had never been able to stomach plain yogurt on its own because of the harsh, sour taste. Fage tastes more like marscapone cheese or chèvre than like American yogurt, and it has the same kind of thick texture because most of the whey is strained out. I tried straining regular plain yogurt to use as cheese back in the extreme-low-fat diet days, but it wasn't even close to the taste or texture of Fage.

The Fage Total has eight points per cup, so I've been using two tablespoons on top of some sliced peaches with a sprinkle of cinnamon. It's sort of like having cheesecake for breakfast. The yogurt is so rich that I haven't really wanted to eat more than that. I suppose I should give the lower-fat versions a try, but now that I've had the silky real thing, I'm afraid nothing else will do.


  1. OMG Jen! How bloody exciting. Another Fage convert! I was in Athens recently and found out they have 5% too. Where does it end!? But I am telling you, the 2% is goooooood. Especially with a wee blob of Greek honey. I usually run away screaming from low fat anything but this is the exception :)

  2. Exactly, Shauna - another convert! I'm so thrilled that you were able to find the Fage, Jen, and that you love it as much as we do. I find when I mix it with fresh fruit and maybe a hint of honey, it's a whole lot more filling and satisfying than the stuff I was eating for years. We obviously have excellent taste :)

  3. Ohhh. Sounds yummy! I think I’ll try it out if I ever see it in the store.

    Thanks for posting about Blogher! It was fun to live vicariously through you. So cool that you got to meet DG and PQ.

  4. I just finally found your business card and emailed you the picture of you with Jillian Michaels, but I see that somebody else already emaield it to you. Whew!!

    It was nice to briefly meet you at the AOL session, and I look forward to reading your blog!


  5. I see that I'm the last AFGer to drink the Kool-Ade...I'll go and get some this weekend. I don't have the excuse of not having a good grocery store nearby.

    I'm glad you got it and you like it. I'm going to try the 2% first.

    I have to admit when I first saw that article in the Times, I would have loved to see how they got those imprints in the yogurt.

  6. I went to Trader Joe's yesterday and bought this solely based on your recommendation -- I actually didn't know that they had a 0%. I'm excited to try it in my smoothies!

  7. I like the idea of using less of the good stuff, like topping it on fruit. I have not seen this brand yet, but then I don't go to the high end grocery stores. Maybe I will have to go out looking for it.

  8. I have heard so much about this yogurt, but have not been able to find it in our neighborhood grocery stores. We do have a speciality food store/booze store so I guess that will be my next stop.

    I wished they would build a nice Whole Foods or Fiesta out here in the suburbs.


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