Thursday, July 12, 2007

o, you will really want to go!

Thanks to Cindy Samuels at Revolution Health, I'm able to give my loyal blog readers a sneak preview of a conference coming up in Miami on September 29. You might remember that I participated in a conference call sponsored by Revolution Health with Cindy, Dr. James O. Hill, and Mr. and Mrs. Fat back in May.

O, the Oprah Magazine is holding a conference featuring many regular contributors from the magazine. Revolution Health is sponsoring the health portion of the O You! conference:
The O You! conference is expected to draw several thousand women and will feature speakers including financial expert Suze Orman, exercise physiologist Bob Greene, life coach Martha Beck, heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, and others. Revolution Health, which is led by AOL founder Steve Case, is an official title sponsor of the event.
No word on whether Oprah herself will be there, or whether she'll be handing out free stuff if she is (is it just me, or do you also think of Oprah as a modern-day Santa Claus?).

I am a subscriber and regular reader of the magazine and would be thrilled just to see the speakers listed above. The cool thing is that the blogging community is getting special advance notice of the event through blogs like mine. The conference won't be announced to the general public until next week.

You can enter to win one of five trips for two to Miami to attend the conference. Just visit Revolution Health's special "O Guide." So enter early and avoid the rush. You can enter once a day, and the first drawing will be held July 21.

I've already entered. Maybe I'll see you in Miami.


  1. i love her magazine, thanks for the tip! i'm going to enter right now! :o)


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