Tuesday, June 26, 2007

another stick of butter gone

Weight Chart

It's pretty amazing how accurately my weight loss tracks with how well I stay within my points range. This week, I used 25 extra points, which is just under maintenance range (4 extra points a day), and I just barely did better than maintaining.

I had taken the group journal this week -- at my meeting, we have a journal that is passed around to a different member each week. The idea of the journal is to give us some accountability and maybe an extra push to stay on target. Obviously it didn't quite work that way for me, but it was interesting to look back at previous weeks and see how each member used her points. I tend to need a lot of lines to journal, because I have two points of this, four points of that, a point of the other thing. Most of the other people had used only half the lines for each day, using up more points on bigger meals. I wonder if it might work better for me to try a different tack and do something similar. I definitely think I'm snacking too much.

I'm finding it a little bit difficult to stay focused enough to get to goal. I feel pretty good with the way I look and feel right now. My co-worker, who is about half my size, keeps telling me I'm "skinny." Shopping is a lot more fun, though I'm resisting the urge to buy everything that fits in a size smaller than I expect to need. The clothes will be there later if I still want them.

I was happy to have my regular leader back this week. Today there were no poems, just good, sensible advice and lively discussion from the group.


  1. It makes me wonder what st umbling blocks are ahead as I make my way towards my ten percent...I seem to do okay with snacks....it's the wanting something sweet to eat right after my meals that always gets me.

  2. I know exactly what your talking about, losing the umph to get to goal. I'm at a point where I feel healthy again, and I'm happy, so I lose the overall motivation, but I'll be darned if I don't get to goal.

    As far as snacking, I do alot of it too, I find it's what works for me. I think as long as it's working for you stick with it, some people just aren't snackers.

  3. For me its snacking as I prepare meals.

    I am also have trouble maintaining the motivation, when I already look and feel so good.

    Passing around a journal sounds like fun! Like a slam book from grade school!

  4. I often wonder if I should cut back on my snacking too. However, at this point, I think it's a big part of why I don't have the "I'm on a diet and suffering greatly" complex. So, I'm going with the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" theory. As long as I stay within my alloted calories does it really matter how I spend them? As long as (overall) we're eating healthy can't we enjoy ourselves too?

  5. Oh geez, Jen, now widgetmate is here. Does it ever end?

    So, have you considered whether you *might be* done? Even though you're not at your original goal?

    I'm not trying to encourage you to not meet your goal or to give up-- just to consider that, maybe this is where your body wants to be? Or where it should be now?

    Really, I'm kinda talking to myself too, because I feel like I'll be in a similar position in about 15 or 20 more pounds. And I don't know how I'm going to handle it. So I'm watching you, girl! =)

  6. I'm confused. You do have 35 weekly allowance points, right? So if you only used 28 of them (4 extra a day) how does that end up being close to maintenence?

    I'm curious because I had a bad week where I went over a little each day, too (hormones) and used up all but a few of my weekly points.

    I lost 1.8 pounds and definitely would've liked to have lost more. I'm very interested to know what you've learned about this.

    Do you mean that in order to diet successfully we shouldn't be using the 35 weekly points?

    Thanks! :)

  7. DietDiva,

    I used my 35 weekly points PLUS the 28 extra (on maintenance you get 4 extra points each day). Sorry if that was confusing!

  8. I'm finding it hard to stay focused and I'm no where near goal, Jen. Maybe we just all mentally slack off at times and get back into gear when we're ready.

    Remember one thing, the scale isn't the whole end-all and be-all. You're still in maintenance and you're getting into smaller clothes. People think you look skinny and you probably are. You exercise fairly often and hard. So tinker with what you're eating and see if you want to change anything but remember, we all think you're doing a good job.

    (Thanks for the clarification on the maintenance vs. flex points. I was a little confused. You're the only person I know who does maintenance in WW.)

  9. I'm not technically doing maintenance yet but my last week kind of looked like it.

    Thanks for the encouragement, everyone :)

  10. Jen, thanks! And don't apologize! I'm blonde so I have a harder time understanding, lol.

    I didn't realize how maintenance works so I'm glad you told me. :)


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07