Saturday, April 21, 2007

hotels, a love story

I have to admit that one of my little pleasures is staying in hotels. I don't sleep very well in hotels, but I really like them. I guess the thing I enjoy most is that they're clean and uncluttered without any intervention on my part. I love the free ice and the cute little shampoo bottles. When I stay alone, there's also the luxury of having a whole big bed to myself without having to maneuver around someone else's elbows or a cat that decides that she, a small furry 11-pound creature, requires at least half of my side of the bed, not to mention the late-night fights she sometimes gets into with our other, grumpier cat. Last night I slept in a Hampton Inn, and they really do have comfortable beds, just like in the ads.

I slept better than usual, because last week I figured out that I had an ear infection and some other issues and was given three meds, including one that "may cause drowsiness...this effect is intensified by alcohol." So after a glass of wine last night, I slept a nice 5 hours without waking up. This is probably a record for a strange place, which is why I don't like taking long trips.

I am enjoying my conference but I will definitely be happy to be home. It's hard being "on" so much. I haven't been tracking my food very well, so I am also missing the ability to have some control over what I eat. I especially miss my husband's elbows (and the rest of him) and my fat little kitty who takes up my side of the bed (and the stripy little mean one too). I'll be headed home late tonight.

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  1. Strange isn't it? How what you hate most about sharing a bed with others is what you miss the most when they're gone.


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