Sunday, April 15, 2007

candy, candy, candy, I can't let you go!

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I apologize to those who now have an earworm, but the title was too perfect for me to pass up.

Even though I'm 36 years old, the Easter Bunny still leaves a basket for me and my husband at my parents' house. This year it had lots of goodies. I'll spare you the food porn recital of the whole list of stuff, but all of my favorites were represented. My husband and I normally keep no candy in the house, except maybe some Dove dark chocolates once in a while. Because the candy is a rare treat (I almost never buy candy bars either), I've found myself fascintated by it. I know what you're all thinking, "throw away the stupid candy already," but I can't. Or at least don't want to.

For the first few days I was eating a lot of candy. Luckily my husband (who is thin) is eating more of it than me, and he likes the same things that I do. Now that I'm down to some M&Ms and jellybeans, it's usually just a handful of M&Ms and a few jellybeans each day. I am going to be both happy to have it out of the house and a little sad when it's all gone. I know how sad this is as I'm typing it. I even felt a little sorry when I knew I had the last of some particular type of treat for the year.

I went to my parents' house again today, and though I was relatively restrained at lunch itself (I wasn't as hungry as usual when we got there), I was pathetically excited to see that they still had peanut butter eggs and helped myself to one (that, hopefully, was the last peanut butter egg of the year for me). It really is a nostalgia thing for me -- certain candies I only ever had around Easter and they still have some sort of connection to my childhood. Sure, Reese's has peanut butter pumpkins and trees and hearts, but these aren't tempting to me. I only want the eggs, and only around Easter. Weird but true. And of course, even ordinary candy is much more exciting in pastel wrappers.

So hopefully, in the next few days, the last of the jellybeans and pastel M&Ms will be out of my life for another year. It's funny, Halloween and Christmas don't trigger the same candy frenzy in me that Easter does. At Christmastime, it's really all about the cookies and pie, plus things like my pizza made from my late grandmother's recipe.

Maybe it's time to start finding another way to connect with happy memories of my childhood besides eating. All I know is that I am glad that Easter was early this year so I have more time to lose the "bunny weight" before I have to get into a bathing suit.


  1. I LOVE the expression "bunny weight"! And the best moment I had recently was washing out the peanut butter jar to put in the recycling bin.

    Some piece of food is always my new lover it seems, clean or loaded with sugar, chemicals, fat and flour. The best I can hope is that it's clean or that I go on to a new love affair ASAP.

    Does late April trigger any celery memories???

  2. I'm not big on candy, however, I am big on just plain ole' food. I love the comfort food the most. That is my challenge anyway. I am glad to see that you are aware of what you have had and that it only comes once a year (thank goodness).

  3. Nah, I eat celery practically every day, so it's hard to associate it with anything in particular. My only healthy "fun nostalgia food" would be the first tomatoes out of the garden in the summer.

  4. P.S. I finally threw out the last of the jellybeans, since they were mostly the colors that I liked the least: white, pink, and purple.

  5. yea, i'm not huge on candy either but i like stale peeps and my mom's homemade peanut butter and coconut eggs... was never one to have chocolate just laying around the house, thank god... now crackers/chips would be another story... :o)


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