Wednesday, March 21, 2007

still no pay dirt in the job search

No interviews, no requests for more information, nothing. I am feeling pretty discouraged. I found out yesterday that my husband, who had alerted people at work that he might be moving after this year, just told them that "most likely" he would stay where he is. I understand why he did this but it feels like a vote of no confidence. Not that I was feeling perky and optimistic before, as regular readers of my blog know.

I have to just keep working on the dissertation and hope for the best. It's hard, but what choice do I have? I am still sending out applications here and there as I see postings. I had this goofy idea that things would be easier for me, even though I have heard from everyone how tough the academic job market is. I'm sure everyone thinks they are the exception, right?

At this point I have to start thinking about temporary employment for next year. Ugh. I am really ready for things to be a little less unsettled, and signing up for another year of provisionality appeals to me about as much as a liver-and-peanut-butter sandwich.


  1. i'm sorry things aren't going well in the job search department for you. i graduate from my master's program in may and i just started to look for a job and i'm getting discouraged. i wish someone would respond to all the applications i've filled out. so, i know how you feel. all i can say is keep your chin up and try to network and get the word out to as many people as you can that you are qualified and you are looking. have you signed up for LinkedIn yet? check it out.

  2. Oh Jen, I know how discouraging this is for you. Your husband's words weren't a vote of no confidence but I certainly understand how they felt like one.

    You know that finishing the diss is what you need to do next; you're not a quitter, you are very smart, you have something to say, and you CAN do this.

    Finding employment for next year shouldn't be that difficult in a college town, even if having to find one isn't what you'd planned.

    If all goes as planned, though, you'll have the PhD soon and that alone should be a boost, as well as something very positive on a CV.


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