Friday, March 09, 2007

my own personal fat suit

It was a nice sunny day today so I went out for a walk, but cold enough that I needed to wear layers. Like most people who have lost weight, I have a lot of clothes in a lot of different sizes. I wore some wind pants (men's size L), a long-sleeved t-shirt (an XL) and a fleece (L). Over all of that I put on a windbreaker (men's size L). All this stuff was huge on me, but I figured it didn't really matter, it was just for going out to walk.

I looked in the mirror and I saw myself from before I lost the weight, except that my face and neck were still thinner. It was sort of weird. I was a little embarassed, even though I knew it was just the clothes. Luckily this "extra weight" didn't tire me out when I went to walk, and it came off as soon as I came back and got changed. But it was a weird reminder of what things used to be like for me.

Maybe I need to buy a spring workout jacket that fits.


  1. I'm dealing with that right now. The majority of my clothes are now in the baggy category, especially the pants. I'll purposefully look for a tighter shirt to wear with them so people (especially me!) realize that there's less of me under the bagginess.

    Guess it's time to do some clothes shopping, huh?

  2. YES! YOu do need a spring workout jacket that fits. Maybe you need a whole spring workout OUTFIT that is in your current size. I know you workout a lot and having clothes that let you see yourself as you are now and not as you once were would be very supportive. Wish I was there so we could go shopping!

  3. I think you should buy a couple things in your current size so that you have the option of dressing in your current size. Sometimes I enjoy wearing baggie clothes, but when I look in the mirror, much like you said, I don't always identify with the reflection. It's nice to be able to take the "fat suit" on and off.


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