Monday, February 26, 2007


You'll notice, if you're observant and have a memory for such things, that the weight-loss ticker didn't change, even though I weighed in today.

I am actually quite happy to have maintained, because as I told my fellow Angry Fat Girlz authors, I had several days where I visited Carb City and was way over my points. This makes me hopeful that if I can get it together this week and step away from the chicken wings and macaroni and cheese -- my puny defenses were no match for Soul Food day at the cafeteria -- I might be able to break the 160s barrier this coming week.

This week just happens to the last in the 12-week journal I got with the new Weight Watchers starter kit with the fancy square books. It would be nice to finish off the journal with a good week. Still, it's nice to know that I could maintain my weight even if I had a rough day or two each week as long as I kept track of things and didn't let small slips turn into an excuse for massive carbo-loading. Though Weight Watchers drills into our heads from Day One that "this is not a diet, it's a lifestyle change," it's a diet to me if I am restricting what I eat. Though I'm never going to really like dieting, this program at least lets you live a real life -- even one that includes pasta -- while you lose weight

In a follow-up to yesterday's post, congratulations to Jennifer Hudson for her Oscar win. Her gown got mixed reviews, but I think that she looked great once she took off the silver jacket and took her hands out of her pockets. I'm not sure that pockets in an evening gown are practical, but I'm sure that it made her more comfortable to have something to do with her hands while she stood around for hours having her picture taken.

I think that the best thing that she could have done was give critics something to latch onto by wearing an unusual piece like the bolero, which one critic said "wouldn't have looked out of place at a Buck Rogers' disco." She then got to take it off and look fantastic when she made her acceptance speech.

Journalists yawn and complain when the stars wear elegant but unexciting gowns. Really, the only thing most people find interesting about the Oscars is the catty Monday-morning quarterbacking of the fashion, so the gowns that are a little bit weird or at least daring attract the most attention from photographers and the media. Notice that there aren't too many pictures of Hudson's costar Beyoncé Knowles, whose dress was gorgeous but not dramatic enough to compete with the feathers, bows, and jewel-encrusted numbers that other stars were wearing. In fashion as in life, it doesn't always pay to play it safe.


  1. Anonymous11:58 AM

    You know how I've been getting myself motivated to lose weight? It's really embarassing, but I've been uploading my photo to this online site that sends it back to me showing how I would look once I've lost my weight... I know, I know, it's cheesy (Which is why I'm posting this anonymously!), but hey - it's workin!!!! ;)

  2. Hey, anything that works is great, in my book! No reason to be embarassed about it, visualizing what success means to you really helps.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07