Saturday, February 10, 2007

glad I didn't buy an interview suit

It's funny, I was just on this morning, thinking about buying a suit I liked, when I decided it would be smarter to wait until I had an interview scheduled to spend the money. Especially since I'm still in the midst of my weight-loss efforts. I have a couple of dressy occasions this week but I have things to get me through those.

Well, I had a letter in the mail from the school I had such a good feeling about and was convinced was my best job prospect. I had been sure I would be hearing from them soon. And we all know that good news doesn't come through the mail...

I opened it anyway, hoping maybe I was wrong and that some schools did still schedule interviews that way, but as I suspected, it was a rejection. Like I said, this was the school I thought was my best shot. And most schools probably have scheduled their interviews by now. So now I'm feeling more than a little discouraged.

I still have the dissertation work to do, and it doesn't matter at this point whether I have job prospects or not, I have to do it. But I sure would like some indication that there was something at the finish line of all this for me.

Like I said, at least I didn't buy a suit.

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  1. Oh Jen, I'm so sorry ((( big hug ))) Building your hopes up and then seeing them not develop the way you thought and hoped they would can be discouraging.

    You need to have the PhD and maybe do some presentations and/or writing to help with the CV. I know you can finish the diss; you are so smart and creative and clever and WONDERFUL. You should use me as a reference :)

    And when it's time to buy an interview suit, it will be in a size that you can invest in and wear for a long time.


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