Thursday, February 15, 2007

another letter today

Previously, in Yet Another Weight Watchers Blog: Our heroine has applied for several faculty positions and two administrative positions. She is still finishing up her doctorate. Not long ago, she received her first big rejection from one of the faculty positions. She also got a rejection off-camera from one of the administrative jobs. She has been in a bit of a funk because she has been convinced that her job search, and she, will be a huge, miserable failure.

So today I got another letter in the mail, and it didn't look good. It had a "drop-ship" postmark on it, which suggested that maybe it was a bulk mailing. I opened it cautiously, as if I expected it to explode or set itself on fire or contain a Howler like in Harry Potter. I expected it to be another rejection letter.

It was just a very courteous form letter saying that they were "delighted" to have received my application. My non-rational self was thrilled at this, and convinced that this meant that they really were delighted and that they had some less-enthusiastic-sounding form letter for less-desirable candidates, even as my rational self rolled her eyes wildly at this. But even my buzzkill rational self gave a little sigh of relief, knowing that not all schools have brought their finalists to campus already for interviews. I have been spending too much time reading the depressing Chronicle of Higher Education job search message boards and it seems like every other job seeker on the forum has had about ten interviews already.

I will be out of town this weekend so I need to pack tonight, and I probably won't get to a Weight Watchers meeting. So we'll all have to wait until next Tuesday to see how I'm doing.


  1. I can't wait to see where this adventure goes.

    I've seen your blog and it is well written and fun.

    I am currently back on Weight Watchers after living the nutrient-dense Atkin's lifestyle. Considering I love, love, love bread, pasta and sweets I was the biggest cheater who packed on 20 lbs. Oopsy.

  2. Oh the Chron is just an intellectual soap opera at times, Jen! ;-)

    What's why I loved reading it.

    I keep telling you, do what you can and you do a great job with it (I agree with Meredith 100%).

    Have fun with the conference and you never know, something interesting might happen there. I'm glad you didn't get a drop-dead letter. No one needs that kind of buzz-kill.

    Be careful!

  3. Pulling yourself away from the Chron message boards is probably a good thing if they are getting depressing. Academia moves at the speed of a snail and I'm really glad that you got a "delighted" letter. I love non-fiction novels and you are writing such a good one here.

    Have a great time this weekend. Enjoy your conference - ya never know who you'll meet and connections will be forged. We'll be thinking of you!


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