Sunday, January 28, 2007

never met a starch I didn't like

Today was a virtual Carb Festival at my parents' house. I did have a bowl of iceberg lettuce, but other than that, I had no vegetables except tomatoes in barbecue and spaghetti sauces. Of course, I drink a lot of water when I eat, so I felt like I was about to pop when I got home. I didn't exercise today either. I was going to just skip journaling today, but I thought it made sense to assess the damage. 43 points...

I ended up over 27 points for the week. As usual, I did pretty well up until the weekend. Yesterday I went over by 6 points, but then today... While I'm talking Weight Watchers, can I say that I really don't like the way the new Complete Food Guide is organized? In the old one, if you were looking for, say, Ruffles potato chips, you would look under P for potato chips. Simple enough. In the new one, if you want to find them, first you have to figure out what category that food belongs in (in this case, "Snacks, Crackers, Dips, & Chips"). These categories, which are fairly arbitrary, are then arranged alphabetically. It's a mess, and it makes you flip through the entire book each time. This is exactly what Weight Watchers, and their advertisers, want you to do, of course, since now there are ads in the book. I find this annoying. Is it really in my best interest, while trying to figure out how many points were in that single-serving bag of Ruffles, to see an ad for cheese-and-pretzel sandwiches by Snyder's? Imagine if a member of Alcoholics Anonymous had to flip through a Big Book full of Smirnoff and Budweiser ads, if you don't see the problem with this.

Just like most of my meal, everything outside is white. We're finally having a real winter here, and I just heard the snowplow go by. Luckily, it sounds like everything will be cleaned up in time for tomorrow's commute. I walk to work, but just about everyone else I love will be on the roads tomorrow morning. Drive safely out there.


  1. Hey, you are diligent about tracking and refusing to have collective amnesia about what goes on. You are honest about it. I think that because you know you have to track it, you ARE slowing down when you're at your parents' house. I think you probably eat less than when you first started WW.

    As for the ads in the new booklets, I didn't buy the new point books. But it would be extremely annoying. It's like finding ads in a book you bought besides the example you used. (Actually they did do that in some paperbacks in the late 70's, 80s.)

    You be careful out there!

  2. Ejoyed your blog. I believe its better to walk if possible, but be careful walking. Thanks.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07