Wednesday, January 17, 2007

a conversation about why I ate 6 Frango mints in the last 3 days

Jen: I had some Frango mints today

Anne: ooooooooooh
Anne: i like those
Jen: I bought them in Chicago
Anne: yeahhh
Jen: I took them to work thinking I could have one a day
Jen: but of course, I want them all the time
Anne: of course it works like that
Jen: so I put them in the office of this big, goofy grad student who works with us
Anne: you silly thing
Jen: suggesting maybe he have some
Anne: write about frango mints
Jen: I think they'd be better if they were smaller
Anne: they're not big, jen
Jen: then you could have two of them for 1 point instead of one
Anne: oh. i hear ya
Jen: then if I had 4, it would only be 2 points
Anne: and if you had 8 it would only be 4
Jen: yeah
Jen: exactly
Anne: we can do math
Jen: but the thing that is silly is, if they were twice as big or half as big, I'd probably eat about the same number of them
Anne: the trick is not to buy them at all
Jen: yeah
Anne: the last time i was there, i knew i was going to buy them
Anne: it was inevitable
Anne: so i bought the SMALLEST box i could find
Anne: TINY
Anne: it would have been cheaper per mint to get a bigger box
Anne: but i knew it wasn't likely i'd be sharing much of it
Jen: I bought one of those when I was there too
Jen: I bought 3 boxes that I was going to give as gifts
Anne: uh huh. likely story
Jen: I don't know who I was going to give them too
Anne: NOT
Anne: YOU
Jen: and I still have them
Jen: happy birthday to me
Anne: whoa. they haven't been eaten yet?
Jen: Well, the one I took to work was one of them
Jen: There was another box but I think my husband and I ate it not long after I got back
Jen: the third box is still shrink-wrapped
Anne: that is very disciplined
Jen: they weren't huge boxes
Anne: write about frango mints and the lure of them
Jen: they probably had about 12 mints
Anne: that is a good size
Jen: I guess I do have enough to say about Frango, obviously
Jen: $8 a freakin box
Jen: for 12 mints
Jen: that's $1.25 a mint
(Editor's note: I never was good at doing math in my head)

Anne: and they are LITTLE
Anne: but they are frangos
Jen: but they should be smaller
Anne: but they are still little
Jen: there should just be twice as many
Anne: you are goofy, Dr. Jen
Anne: we could pretend there are
Jen: If they were half as big and I got 24 for $8, then it would be a better deal
Anne: you would still eat as many
Jen: yes
Jen: I would
Jen: I would eat 4 if they were big, small, or medium
Jen: so the smaller they are, the better
Jen: I'm a weirdo
Anne: yeah, you sure are


Jen: So Frango mints?
Anne: yes
Anne: and you should give me some to test out
Jen: I'll give you a box as a gift
Jen: then I will have done what I said I was going to do with them
Anne: but then i would have to COUNT them
Anne: you goofball


  1. 6 Frango mints in THREE DAYS is not a lot. I could that in an hour, easy, if I'm not paying attention!

  2. Well, it was 1 on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, and 2 on Wednesday. I WANTED more of them, but I didn't want to blow all my points on candy. :)

  3. LA Librarian12:05 PM

    Wow, to some of us 6 Frango mints in three days is a HUGE success, Jen!! Now, I could eat 6 boxes of Frango mints in three days, but I'm a Chicago native so I have a leg up there. But I do understand your stress. Of course, now that Macy's bought Marshall Fields (don't get me started) I see Frango Mints all over LA now. Arrrrgghhh!!! I try to convince myself they're not the same if you don't buy them from Marshall Fields. Jen, you're not a weirdo. : ) That conversation made perfect sense! But really, if you're going to eat the FMs, you're doing it well. I'm impressed as all get out. Hang in there. ((hug))

  4. I agree with Anne and LA's not that bad and you're doing well.

    And you had this conversation with a real person and not the other voices in your head!

  5. I know, LA, I can get Frango Mints here in Boston at Macys but it's not the same. The real ones come from Chicago. I couldn't believe Jen actually still had a shrink-wrapped box of them left. Mine would have been snarfed down lickety split.

  6. It was just such a funny conversation that I had to post it. :)


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