Friday, January 05, 2007

biking in the rain

I had, early in the week when I was feeling ambitious, planned to take a Spinning class at 9:00 today. I used to love Spinning class, and for a while back there I was going five days a week. It can be really great if you like intense exercise, and if you get a good instructor. It helped me really melt the weight off, and I definitely want to get back to the class again.

But I've been feeling blah and tired lately, probably with all the weirdness over my food plan this week and also because I've been spending a lot of time home alone, supposedly working but mostly reading weight-loss blogs and websites and trying to feel a little more excited about the prospect of taking off the last dozen pounds. Weight Watchers did find the perfect Success Story to kick off the new year. You're gorgeous, Danielle.

Anyway, I wasn't in the mood to be yelled at, which is what made me finally quit Spinning last time around. This instructor I started out loving somehow was brainwashed and transformed into a Spinning Nazi when she went to the training and conferences and stalked around the room screaming at us all and cranking up our resistance. That instructor left long ago but I still am skittish about going back, knowing I'm pretty out of shape for it.

My mother-in-law got me some heavyweight bike tights and some biking sunglasses, the cool kind with the changeable lenses. Normally I'm a wimp about biking in cold weather, but here in Ohio, the temperature was a freakish 54 degrees with some light rain predicted for the afternoon. I got all geared up and went out, though I took my mountain bike instead of my faster road bike because I don't trust the slick tires in the puddles.

I really am out of shape for biking but it felt great to be outside in the nice weather. I almost didn't go but the rain was light and not worth skipping a workout over. I passed a lot of people out walking and running, so I guess I'm not the only Ohioan who knows that we need to enjoy this weather while it lasts.

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  1. I've watched the Spinning classes at my gym and have been afraid of the instructors; it always seemed more like boot camp than something I'd want to do. The idea of biking outside in the rain on a mild January day is a much nicer one, especially since you have cool sunglasses! Good job, Dr. Jen!


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