Wednesday, November 08, 2006


My food has been admittedly messy since my last weigh-in. I didn't track my points at all Friday through Monday. I had a couple of bowls of pasta on Monday because I didn't eat enough early in the day and was just ravenous when I got home. Then we went out for appetizers and drinks and split a dessert that night. So I wasn't overly surprised to see that I had a gain on weigh-in yesterday, but I was kind of shocked that it was so large. Even my Weight Watchers leader looked a little shocked:

Oof. Why is it that it takes me weeks and weeks to lose 3.6 pounds but only a few days to gain it? Realistically, I know that I didn't eat anywhere near 3,500 extra calories each day, so it is probably a "real" gain of a pound or so and a couple of pounds of water retention from salty appetizers. But still, not the direction I want to be heading.

Yesterday I was already dipping way into my weekly flex points because my husband and I had a "Geek Superbowl" evening -- camped out in front of the TV late into the night with beer and snacks, watching the election returns come in.

What I need to do, though, is realize that if my impulse is to not count points, that should tell me that I know I'm not doing the right things with my food. Or exercise. I've also blown off a couple of workouts lately.

I am happy that the Democrats did well last night, though maybe not as well as everyone had hoped. I am tired today, though, and just feeling generally down about a lot of things: the dissertation which seems to stretch out into infinity, the scarcity of interesting job postings, and my inability to follow a very simple food plan.


  1. You've thought this out carefully the why and the how. You know it's not permanent and you will lose it. Maybe this is where we're suppose to think, I shouldn't go to weigh-in the day after I have a Geek Superbowl. I'm not going to weigh in next Monday after I come back from the OBX trip. Why beat myself up?

    And I'm glad you're not beating yourself up over this either.

  2. thanks for the kind note - I think I would almost feel better if I was yoyoing - but I am WORKING it and still not MOVING that darn scale. It is very interesting HOW much my body is changing - noticably (sp?) SO - and it still stays the same. . . I check in here every day - glad things are going along for you - explain your job search and interview stuff when you have time - you don't have to do particulars - just general overview would be great.

  3. "Geek Superbowl", I LOVE that! So that's what I have been doing all these years!
    We had all the incumbents elected but a few independents who got enough votes to at least send a message to the Governor that we are tired of his excessive spending and raising of taxes.
    I understand that New Hampshire hasn't the outcome they had since 1912!


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07