Monday, October 09, 2006


I have a bad habit of not journaling my food on weekends, and not coincidentally, of overdoing it on weekends. This weekend was no exception, so I am committing here in print that I will update my journal as soon as I finish this post. There was a picnic on Saturday, which was an excuse to eat a hotdog, chips, rice krispie treat, and a bunch of other goodies. None of it tasted that great, but that didn't seem to slow me down. Sunday I had a mostly fried lunch (fish and chips) but at least kept my portions in line -- but all night I was snacky and ate more than I should. I think not journaling contributes to the "wandering munchies" because I don't have to worry about writing it all down. Now, though, I will have to reconstruct what I had, which is harder than doing it as I go along.

I have had a sort of half-hearted urge, in the back of my mind, to go to a convenience store and buy a bag of Smartfood -- this white cheddar-cheese popcorn I used to eat sometimes. I haven't had it in a couple of years, because I couldn't stop at a handful or two, I usually ate the entire bag. I figured it out and that was about 800 calories. I realized, when I thought about trying to find the single-serving bags of the stuff, that it's not the popcorn I'm really craving so much as the unconscious eating. So I'm going to pass, at least for today.

Anne posted yesterday on reasons for wanting to lose weight. Maybe keeping in mind why I want to do this will help me resist the temptations in my path. I can live for today without it. Maybe if I wait it out, the desire will go away. And, as God is my witness, if I do cave in and eat a whole bag of cheddar-cheese popcorn (5 servings in the regular-sized bag), I will put it in my journal and count the Points.

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