Tuesday, October 24, 2006

on notice

The scale is officially On Notice. One more false move and it will be Dead to Me. Seriously, though, even though this week's weigh-in looks like a small loss (0.6), it doesn't make up for my gain last week.

Around mid-week, I got on the scale and saw a really good number, 164. If I had been able to keep doing the right stuff, I would have finally broken through the 165 barrier at WW. But instead, I managed to have one screwup after another this week, culminating in a really bad day the night before weigh in. Lots of it was salty food, including two packages of those Weight Watchers Cheddar Twists. And one of those WW Mint Cookie bars. I don't buy this stuff, I won them in the previous weeks' drawings. I think that junky WW food is even worse than regular junk food, because it somehow seems more virtuous. It's all garbage, sugar and flour and salt. From now on, I'll just stay out of the drawings and contests if that stuff is the prize. I was keeping it in my office as desperation food but somehow I started to like it, even though it seems to upset my stomach.

I have to start acting in my own best interest, no more excuses. I have to give up the idea that I can lose weight without working at it. I rejoined WW because I thought it would keep me accountable, but I have to keep myself accountable too.


  1. Salty food is a killer. I try to watch what I eat the day before a weigh in, but that's not always realistic. The WW snacks are handy and helpful but relying on them too much can be deadly. They're not really meals and they're not that filling. I'd rather have a nice crisp apple or chocolate pudding yogurt :)

  2. i bought the WW carrot cake snacks last night and am not sure why... i thought, "wow, only 1 point, why not" and when i got them out of the box, i laughed... since i live alone, i told my cat, "this will be gone in one bite! who are they kidding!"... never again...

  3. After having a serving of crackers last night (not "good" crackers but "bad" crackers)which were only 140 calories - but high in sodium, I was up 1 1/2 pounds this morning since yesterday! Geesh.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07