Wednesday, October 11, 2006

counting down to TBL

Last week's episode of "The Biggest Loser" was a bit of a disappointment to me. I didn't like the show in the first season because it seemed too cruel -- all the challenges were about food, and it seemed to be poking fun at the contestants. In the second season, I gave it another chance, because one of the women at my Weight Watchers meeting told me how inspirational it was for her.

Because I liked and respected my WW buddy, I gave the show another chance and started watching at the beginning of the second season. I noticed that they had changed the challenges to make them more empowering -- tough, but doable tasks that gave the contestants a sense of accomplishment. And I liked that, instead of all the scheming and back-biting that happened on most reality shows, the contestants seemed to all be close to each other to the point where they hated to send anyone home.

So far this third season has been a little disappointing. As I said, I'm not enthused about Kim, the new Red Team trainer. And last week's episode was incredibly upsetting. The challenge was a mean and frustrating one, and the Red Team's "alliance" games ended up in a really great contestant getting sent home before he seemed to be ready to lose on his own. I loved Nelson and would have liked to see him continue. I'm hoping the crazy girl from Utah is the next one voted off.


  1. Much better episode tonight, though it looks like Psycho Heather will be on for a while yet. I just wish she wasn't such a crybaby!

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying this. I've been coming back from swimming class and trying to figure out either dinner or do something I should have done in time to watch my "must-see" Project Runway.

    I think I caught the first season and I agree with you; it was a bit cruel. And I really liked Jillian. I did buy the book about 3 months ago and it had some good tips.

  3. I dislike insecure Heather, mainly because she seems to be the first one to point out other peoples weaknesses/flaws/lack of trying. I think she does that, to steer blame away from herself. Even if I am wrong, she still grates on my nerves.


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