Sunday, September 24, 2006

my whine of the day

Part of the reason I got this blog is so I'd have a place to complain if I needed to. Right now, the thing that's making me crazy is that some guys seem to see every woman they see as a contestant on the "Would I F*ck Her?" game show. No fabulous prizes, no stunning sets, just the chance to get judged by someone you don't even know or like. Women who are politicians, professional athletes, scientists, funeral arrangement salespeople, eight-months-pregnant moms-to-be -- if you're a woman, you are eligible for this fantastic chance to be a) rejected by a loser, or b) be a loser's fantasy.

Remember all the fuss and anger over the stupid Diet Coke commercial with the shirtless guy? The game's not so fun for men when they're the contestants. I say that we invent cute phrases about guys' bodies that are just as flattering as "cankles" and "thunder thighs."

Grrrrrr. I got yelled at by some idiot college boy out his car window again, and that always gets me wound up. I should carry around a rock so I'd have something to chuck at them.


  1. Speak softly and carry a big rock...

    Actually this happened to me as I was walking to my car one afternoon. A bunch of guys in the back and front of a truck said something. (I can't tell you if it was good or bad.) I was in a bitchy mood. Since they had to stop for the traffic light, I yelled back, "Does that really work for you? I mean, how many women do you get to meet this way? Is that the only way you can meet women? Really?" They quickly rolled up their windows because they knew that they had hollared at a Certifiable Crazy-Ass Woman Who Didn't Give a $hit. Bo

    You guys knew I was mouthy at times, right?

    I kind of recommend this whenever you can do it. That or carry a big umbrella...

  2. Hee hee -- love the idea of confronting the guys -- you are very brave. Like you, I don't even know what they said, but I figure you don't generally yell nice things out of car windows.

  3. two are too funny; I wish I had the nerve to yell back like that but I usually 'duck & cover'...


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