Thursday, September 21, 2006

my favorite show

I am almost ashamed to admit that I can't watch NBC's "The Biggest Loser" without tearing up. That show plays me like a violin. It combines my favorite things: makeovers, weight loss, drama. Even the hokey things, like the cliffhanger at every commercial and the huge scales, work for me.

I am rooting for the guy from Washington with the huge Afro. He seems like a genuinely good guy and a lot of fun. Actually, I'm rooting for all of them, and all the ones who got sent home to try on their own to win their way back onto the show, and all the people watching at home who want to lose.

The only one I'm not rooting for is Kim, the new trainer. I think that they realize she won't play well with the audience because they seem to limit her on-camera time. I especially don't like the gratuitous cheesecake shots of her getting out of a pool in a red bikini.... They don't show Bob all oiled up in a Speedo, because the fans identify with him as a person, not a bimbo. I wish they had picked a woman trainer with a similar persona. My guess is some exec at NBC made the (bad) decision to go for a cute, perky blonde this time around.


  1. I am so glad you wrote about The Biggest Loser. I love this show! I was preoccupied last night, and missed how they chose the 14 contestents. So I'll check out their website to catch-up tonight when I have more time. I don't know who I'll root for yet, but I know it will not be the lady who went off on Jennifer last night.

  2. I wondered about that woman too. I was telling my therapist about it. And I admit that I zombie-shopped (post coming in the next few days) and ended up with salsa, chip and cheese. How sick is that to eat and watch the "world's biggest loser?"

    I do have it on tape so I can pretend I didn't do it when I watch it again from the beginning. ;-)

  3. Yeah, that woman seemed like a bitch. I was hoping that SHE would be the one booted off. Jennifer was pretty and she seemed to do well on her own. I always think that sometimes there must be stuff that happens that doesn't make it onscreen -- because every single person wouldn't have voted for Jen if she had just not lost enough weight -- maybe she had a Princess attitiude.

    Alicia, the trainers picked the teams. My guess is that it was mostly from the demo tapes, but they also worked everyone out and talked to them during, so maybe they had a list of x people they were considering and narrowed it from there. Or maybe the producers really chose the teams but made it look like it was Bob and Kim.

    The woman from Rhode Island who said her husband wasn't attracted to her because she was too fat -- I hope that she is one of the ones they bring back. I hope she gets thin and gorgeous and then dumps her idiotic husband. What kind of an ass says something like that to his wife?

  4. Thanks for the info on how they picked the 14 Jen. I still haven't looked at the BL website - maybe this weekend.

  5. I watched this too and have plans to watch the whole thing tho' I don't know who I'll root yet.
    Usually I just watched the last 15 minutes to see who lost and how much but maybe I will get more out of it if I watch the whole thing.
    I think I had a hard time with the people who got booted off, as if losing weight faster was the only goal - that's all they really show us but I am sure much more goes on behind the scenes then we will ever see.


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