Tuesday, August 15, 2006

you mean mojitos aren't a 0 point food?

Last week, I lost 1.8 and this week I gained 1.2. So on the bright side, I didn't undo all my good work from the week before because of my sister's bachelorette party weekend and all the food at the wedding shower, just 2/2 of it. I am going to be a model Weight Watcher this week and get it back off, plus a pound so that I can be only 10 away from my goal.

Interestingly, I was cleaning out my WW carrying case, and I found my card from when I made Lifetime. I thought it was interesting to see how quickly it came off the last time around -- it only took me 12 weeks to get to goal and another 7 weeks to make Lifetime. For the curious, here's the progression. All dates are 2003:

  1. 1/14 - 170.2
  2. 1/21 - 166.4
  3. 1/28 - 164.0
  4. 2/4 - 163.0
  5. 2/11 - 162.6
  6. 2/18 - 162.6
  7. 2/25 - 158.0
  8. 3/4 - 157.2
  9. 3/11 - 158.2
  10. 3/18 - 157.2
  11. 3/25 - 155.6
  12. 4/1 - 154.2 -- GOAL
  13. 4/18 - 154.8
  14. 4/15 - 153.6
  15. 4/22 - 156.2
  16. 4/29 - 153.0 -- 10%
  17. 5/13 - 154.2
  18. 5/20 - 157.2
  19. 5/27 - 154.4 -- LIFETIME
The funny thing is, I didn't realize that I had lost it so quickly. I averaged more than one pound per week. This was back in the Winning Points days, so the target was 20-25 points a day with no Flexpoints. I might try a week that way and see what happens.


  1. Food for thought - so to speak.

    I have read that if you are going to drop down (low food intake) to do it for 2-3 days and then go back to normal. The idea was that you would not set off starvation hormones and would give yourself a metabolic burst - whether this is true or not I do not know. I have also read this same philosophy about trying to increase your calories when you hit goal - mini spurts and then back down, until you can hold at higher level without gaining. Again I don't know whether or not this is true - only works for some - etc.

    LOVED your pictures!

  2. I wouldn't be dropping into any kind of starvation zone so much as I'd be cutting back on snacky stuff that I probably don't need to be eating anyway. But I know what you mean about not wanting to confine myself to a very low range.

    Thanks for the comment on the photos. I know the "ups and downs" set is a little weird because they're all pictures of me, but it helped me to see them in order like that and get a sense of where I've been and where I'm going. I really wish I could find my real "Before" picture -- it was a little disturbing and I think I subconsciously lost it accidentally on purpose.

    I keep most of my photos confined to family and friends just to keep this journal semi-anonymous. I feel more comfortable being honest when the "real" people in my life don't know who I am.

  3. Interesting that you said that about "real family" because I was just thinking about suggesting to my husband that he read just my part of my blog each day on the condition that he take it as a window into how I think and not comment or complain about anything I said. someone's husband does read her's and has his own too - I can't think of who - maybe Michelle (with 2 "l's")???

  4. I have asked my husband NOT to read this blog or AFG just because I don't really want him carefully monitoring my weight-loss progress or taking a temporarily grumpy remark as a sign of some really deep problem.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07