Thursday, August 31, 2006

skinny day

About a month ago, I bought this outfit at J. Crew on clearance. They only had size 12 in the pants and though they buttoned, they were too snug to really wear, but I was sure that they would fit once I lost a little more weight. This is normally a terrible strategy, but they were only about $12, very nice, and I had to have them. I also got this shirt with a pretty satin stripe in it, also a little snug when I bought it.

I have other size 12 clothes, but we all know that size 12 is not a real, objective thing but a range. J. Crew's size 12 is smaller than NY & Company's size 12, which is a little smaller than Ann Taylor Loft's size 12.

Today I was feeling good and decided to try to wear the outfit. I think it looks pretty good, and the pants were comfortable enough even though I spent most of the day sitting. I love it even though the pants are dry clean only.

This picture is terrible, I know, but it documents that I am wearing the outfit and that it fits. This is why I don't have my dissertation done, because I am trying to figure out how to take a picture of my khakis in an antique mirror instead of writing. The mirror doesn't look that dirty in real life, I promise.


  1. Who's that skinny girl in the mirror? Why its you! Congratulations! I got a pair of jeans without trying them on and I managed to get them on. Do I save them for weight loss down the road or exchange them? I'll hang on them for now.

  2. My oldest is looking at colleges this year (junior in HS). I can't remember what your undergraduate background is - I know that you are finishing up doctorate now.

    One thing that I have noticed and son and I have been talking about is - liberal arts vs. State schools where you are IN a specific "school" within the university - I don't know what the name for this is. And son's question: if you go to liberal arts and graduate with BA with a business (for example) major - what is the difference in LIFE/JOBS/GRADUATE school between this and going to Purdue (for example) and graduating from their School of Business with BA??? I don't know - do you? This is a Kid that doesn't know for sure what he wants - so we are encouraging liberal arts so he doesn't hit a WALL his Sophomore year when he has to declare (like IU and Purdue) - can you write about your experiences and those of your family please??? Can you take about Masters and Doctor too please?

  3. Lori, thanks! I wouldn't normally have kept the too-small pants but they were SOO cheap that I had to buy them. I think the whole outfit cost twenty bucks on clearance. I couldn't leave them in the store. You are losing fairly steadily, so if you got a good deal on the jeans, having an "inspirational" item of clothing might help keep you going.

    Vickie, I sent you an email but it's kind of a difficult question for me to answer -- most of my relatives have gone to regional universities and have done fine, but it all depends on what your son wants. Also, there's a lot to be said for the atmosphere -- does your son feel comfortable on the campus and like it there.

    I can't speak to the value of prestigious schools from personal experience but I'm sure it helps.

  4. I actually took them back and got a size that fits. I asked the woman, why did this size fit me 2 weeks ago (and before a 4.4 weight loss)...she said oh, the first set of these jeans were cut differently. So I have 2 new pairs of jeans to wear. And I do have an inspirational pair of Old Navy for $4.75....

    PS I'm glad you figured out that they were TOO SMALL and DIDN'T fit. Proofreading is not my forte.


"Count your calories, work out when you can, and try to be good to yourself. All the rest is bulls**t." -- Jillian Michaels at BlogHer '07