Sunday, August 06, 2006

moment of truth

One of my goal events is my sister's wedding. I will be a bridesmaid and had hoped to be at or near goal by that day, which is only three weeks away. I am still 14 pounds from goal.

I got measured over a month ago and ordered a dress in the size that I thought I would need based on those measurements, a size 14. This is the dress in case you are interested, though ours have spaghetti straps to keep them from falling down.

I bought a longline bra and a not-too-tight girdle just so I would have nice lines under the dress. The dresses just came in and I got to try mine on yesterday. I had this deep-seated hope that the dress would have to be taken in a lot, even though I've only lost a few pounds. But it just needs to have the straps shortened and to be taken in about an inch on the top to fit just right.

I am a tiny bit disappointed, but it looks really good, and I am happy that I will look nice for the wedding. I really love the dress and it will be the rarest of dresses, a bridesmaid's dress that I actually will wear again. I would wear this to another wedding or a dressy night out. I also plan to wear it to my graduation next year, assuming it still fits.

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  1. It really is a pretty dress and your sister is so sensible to pick out something you can wear again. You've had a strange week metabolically speaking and I wonder if you tried it on again in another couple of weeks that you would see a bigger difference.

    I go through my Too Small box and I think well, this time I should be able to get into this or that and sometimes I do but other times I sure don't. So I understand those feelings of expectation and anticipation.


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