Monday, August 21, 2006

looking ahead to tomorrow's weigh-in

This week I don't think I can expect a great weigh-in. I will probably be lucky to maintain.

Instead of ignoring my flex points, I used them all and then some. Friday night, as I said, was a pizza-and-snacks splurge. As Lori said, sure, a lot of people do that on a weekend. But it seemed to set me up for more splurges. Saturday I stayed within my points but Sunday I didn't even count. Going back to try to figure it out, I think I was 10-12 points over. So far today I've done OK. I have 12 points left and I plan to go for a run later.

Exercise-wise, I took a couple of easy or off days because I was feeling so tired and crummy. I think that when I don't exercise I also tend to be less vigilant about my food.

Ironically, I have been thinking that I look pretty good, even while I'm not doing the things I need to do to lose. My belly is definitely smaller. My thighs are even starting to trim down a little bit.

Tomorrow is the last weigh-in for this session and then I have a week before our at work starts up again. I am not sure I'll bother to go to another meeting to weigh in officially in the interim. I might just do it here instead.

I just don't feel all that into it right now, I feel a little Weight Watchers Ennui. Maybe tomorrow's meeting will help get me back on track again.

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