Monday, August 07, 2006

end-of-week inventory

I weigh in on Tuesday, so Monday is the last day of my Weight Watchers week. I find it helpful to inventory my week on Monday so that I have an idea what to expect on Tuesday. But I'm really not sure how I did this week. It has been sort of a strange one. A week ago Sunday was my triathlon, and I had all the salt and hydration issues throwing me off. But exercise and points-wise:

  • Tuesday: 90-minute bike ride, helped a friend move for 3 hours in the heat, stayed within points
  • Wednesday: Went for a 20-minute run and did a lot of walking around at the fair, but also ate fair food. Ended up 9 points over, including burning my flex points.
  • Thursday: Lifted weights and went for a short walk. Ended up 6 points over.
  • Friday: 60-minute bike ride, stayed within points.
  • Saturday: Another 60-minute bike ride, played in the pool a little, went over 1 point.
  • Sunday: Ran 45 minutes, went 3 points over.
  • Monday: Will swim and maybe lift weights, plan to make sure I'm within or under my points.

That's a lot of activity for the week, but I went over 19 points and used all the activity and flex points available besides. If I have a loss, it will be a tiny one. But it's really hard to tell with a week like this. All I can do is hope for the best.

P.S. I did get in my swim today, about 30-40 minutes, plus I biked to and from the quarry. I stayed under my points. I sacrificed a goat to the scale gods... well, not that last part....

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