Sunday, July 30, 2006

race day

I had a wonderful time. I managed to do what I set out to do -- enjoy myself, have a good race, and not stress out too much about going fast and beating people.

I did have some frustrations, but they were minor ones. The biggest was people assuming that this was my first triathlon and giving me unsolicited advice. Today was my eighth triathlon, not my first. I think they assumed that I was a first-timer because I don't have the lean, 12% bodyfat look that a lot of triathletes have, but the truth is, there are a lot of people that don't fit the profile who are pretty good athletes. You can't tell much about a fellow athlete's ability from her weight or her age.

That aside, though, the water was nice and clean, there was a good field and things went relatively smoothly, especially for a brand-new race. The pre-race instructions could have been a lot better and clearer, but overall, things went well.

I wasn't going to look at the results, but I peeked. My swim was my best leg, I finished 11th out of 35 people in my age group (35-39). My bike was next best and I finished 12th in my age group. I was 22nd in the run.

Today I didn't mess around with Weight Watcher points and just ate reasonably. I figure that I was burning a little extra today and I didn't have the time to seriously track. Believe it or not, I wasn't that much hungrier than on a regular day.

Even if this race throws off my weigh-in this week, it was worth it. It reminded me how much fun racing can be.


  1. Yea! Good for you Jen, I wondered how you did today and I've had sporadic Internet access. I'm at a friend's house using hers....

    I'm really glad you made it and had a good time. I'm sorry you got some grief but people do make the wrong assumptions, don't they. I said you would be in the top third!

  2. Hey Jen:
    Congratulations are your successful triathlon finish! I clicked on the picture to get a larger view, and it surprised me because all the women look "healthy" to me - not overweight nor too skinny.

    I was sorry to read that you were given unsolicited tips - you must be a saint to not let it upset you. I suspect I would have been cranky and let it influence my inner dialog "I shouldn't be here, etc."

  3. The cool thing about triathlon is that it doesn't seem to favor the stick-skinny athletes. The best ones are much more muscular than the fast runners, because the bike and the swim require some strength.

    An all-women's race with these distances -- 400 yards swimming, 12 miles biking, 3 miles running -- is also more friendly to beginning racers. You can train for it in a few months, versus some of the races that take a year or more of planning and training to complete. So it was just a really interesting cross-section of women.

    I'm not actually in that picture -- I started further up in the crowd. Each person was timed individually using a timing chip and special mats that could detect when you crossed them at different stages of the race.


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