Thursday, July 27, 2006

brick today

In triathlete terms, a brick is a workout where you combine two legs of the race -- usually biking and running. I've never done a swim-to-bike brick but some people might. This helps you practice your transition from one thing to another. In transition, you change your gear as necesary, usually going for the smallest changes possible in a short race.

The race I'm doing this weekend is a women's only sprint triathlon. The distances, according to the race information site, are 400 yards swimming, 12 miles biking, 3 miles running. This isn't the Ironman -- that is just way beyond my ability or interest level. I wanted to do at least one triathlon this summer and the swim for this one is in a nice, clean quarry instead of a stinky, goose-poop filled pond like the other race in my area.

I am not as well-trained for this race as I have been for others in the past. My brick workout today was tough, and I didn't go that far -- I biked about 5 miles hard, ran a mile, and then biked home at an easy pace. That makes me a little worried about the race. I told my husband that I don't want him to look at my results, because I want doing the race to be the achievement, and not how fast I finish or how many people I beat.

Competition is a funny thing. I really want to race, because I enjoy it. The crowds and the other competitors are part of the fun. Most people, though, get caught up in the idea of who is fastest and best -- I guess that's what racing would seem to be all about. But for me, when I'm at my sanest, it's about pushing my own limits and seeing what I can do. I really don't want to race against the other people as much as I want to race with them.

That was what made the Danskin Triathlon so much fun -- they created that kind of environment. They don't even have an awards ceremony -- everyone gets a medal when they cross the finish line. But all the Danskin races have gotten too crowded and even the closest one is a day's drive away. I'm going to have to create My Own Private Danskin this year.

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